OS5 Mycloud WEB Access doesn't work anymore!

I’ve been using os5 mycloud for a while, and accessing it through the app and web browser with no problems untill now.
I can’t access it through web browser anymore. When I log in, it shows off the initial page of the session and logs off immediately.
I’m still able to log within the iphone app. But can’t log in my computer.
Does anyone knows what can be happening?

Not able to reproduce.
Have you tried turning off WiFi on the mobile phone and open mycloud.com in a mobile web browser?
Do you get the same result with mobile browser on the carrier network instead of WiFi Network?

Yes I did, and got the same result.
Now I disabled the cloud access on the configuration pannel and I can’t connect the PR4100 again to the network. It tries to conncet but in the end I get an error message.