OS X Photo Library Transfer to WD My Cloud Error Code -50

Hello. I have a 3TB WD My Cloud brand new and am having problems. I am using it primarily with a 2013 Macbook Pro 13. The laptop has a 120GB hard drive that is full, with mostly pictures, so I am trying to copy them to the My Cloud. All the photos are store in the “Photos” app library file, so I copied and pasted the library to the My Cloud (mounted disk) Each time I attempt a transfer, it gives me a notification saying…

“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50).”

The actual library file shows up on the disk but is grayed out. The size matches the copied library file, but is unaccessible.

After trying this around 5-6 times over the past 4 days, I gave up and attempted to perform a full Time Machine Backup.

I followed the instructions and mounted the WD My Cloud Time Machine disk, and signed in as Guest. It is properly configured in the Dashboard, set to public etc.

The Time Machine backup starts, but is moving extremely slow. It says “Calculating Size” the whole time, and has backed up only 24.97GB of 88.69GB over the past 48 hours. It is moving slowly in 1MB increments.

After the first day, I stopped the backup and thought maybe there was a problem with the Macbook Pro hard drive, so I went into Disk Utility and verified and repaired disk permissions, as well as verify and repair disk. The results showed no problems and everything was good.

I reached google for error code -50 and there was next to no information about this. The only thing I found was: “error -50 paramErr: error in user parameter list”

If anyone knows of a possible diagnosis or fix attempt, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks for your time.

Note: The Macbook Pro does not have an ethernet port, so directly connecting it to the My Cloud is not an option. Thanks.

Hi there Michael:)

Are you trying to copy the files or the library? also what do you use to connect to the MyCloud? the MyCloud app or did you mount the drive via Finder?

Hi. I tried transferring it to a mounted drive. It is the whole library
file that I am trying to copy over. I believe it is a .photoslibrary

and how did you mount it? as AFP or SMB? also are you trying to get the pictures to MyCloud or the Library?