Cannot copy files on My Cloud Home from MacBook Pro


I have a Macbook Pro running Mojave 10.14.4 and a My Cloud Home running version 5.0.5-104.

When I try to copy a folder (size ~15 GB) on the My Cloud Home, it progresses extremely slowly up to ~150 MB, and then freezes the Finder app for 10-15 minutes. I then get an error code 100057 with the message :

The operation can’t be completed.An unexpected error occurred (error code 100057)

Does anyone know what is going wrong ?


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Hello julien10,

This seems a MacOS specific issue. It would be best to contact Apple Support about this concern.

Julien - I am having the same exact problem. Did you figure it out?

I had the same problem large folder stops half way through.

My folder has several hundred other folders inside.

I copied each one individually. Then copied whole load of them. Worked fine but went to make coffee Mac pro went to sleep thought no bother but when I woke it up the copy had stopped again.

Got it done by watching each folder as it was copied took an hour but I stopped the Mac going to sleep.

Not ideal

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you have Catalina 10.15.3?

Sorry for the late reply I have just given up on the thing even when working it is way too slow.

Bought a small notebook second hand for less and just have it in the car to back up phone and camera so easy to copy and share files then.

its a timeout issue on the WD Device - I had it on my MBP too …i did a non-destructive data reset on thje WD device …fixed it …no idea why it drops like that

How do you do a 'non-destructive data reset on the WD device?"
I have had my internet company, computer company and everyone waiting on my server to work as expected, have to talk to me about this.
In my help-desk emails, it is not getting very far for help and it’s been 5+ months. :frowning: