My Cloud Home Duo/WD Discovery - Can't perform any operations on Mac and Freezes Mac

OS: Mac OS Mojave V10.14.2
WD Discovery: Latest Version

Brief Description of Situation: Open WD Discovery on Mac. I’m able to see my drives. Copy files will cause Mac OS freeze (freeze Finder). Also drive will be offline for some reason.

Issue 1: Offline
Once open My Cloud Home Duo via WD Discovery, browsing files through Finder. Then My Cloud Home Duo will suddenly be offline. Must reject and relaunch WD Discovery.

Issue 2: Can’t copy large files.
Once copy file to Mac. Finder freezes. Can’t perform any operation. No response for minutes and then My Cloud Home Duo will sometimes be offline. This issue seems to be very serious that sometimes I have to force shut down Mac because Finder is not responding. I found if I click on any mkv files or video files on My Cloud (in Finder) then Finder will be freeze. And there will be no response. I have to restart.

Steps to diagnose
I checked articles and community. I found that the connection type is Relay which means its the worst connection; However, I’m traveling so its impossible for me to connect My Cloud Home Duo locally (no issue found when I’m using WD Discovery and My Cloud Home Duo in local connection mode).

I checked my connection. I can download at speed of 10Mbp/s on internet. I can browse instagram, view youtube videos with no latency or buffering.

My Understanding:
Relay type caused such problem. BUT:

  1. it shouldn’t affect Finder so much such that I have to force restart Mac.
  2. My Cloud should serve as a cloud storage such that I can use while traveling.

Is there any solution for this?
The user experience is so terrible…

This seems odd.
What type of files are you transfering to the My Cloud Home?
jpg, png, tiff, docx, mp3…etc…

If the My Cloud Home offline in Web and Mobile App as well or only WD Discovery?

Hi there,
Sorry for late reply. Been really busy.
I was trying to copy videos, mkv or mov type.
I was able to load and copy smaller size of files like 2MB pdf or so. But when it comes to large files, Finder and WD will crush.


@AshtonDu I sent you a private message.

Same problem : finder freeze when I try to copy large files or large number of files to MyCloud Home Duo

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I have the same issue, did someone get the solution? I’ll be really thankful to know what did you do to get a solution.

Thank you for your help guys !!!