MyCloud Home Duo is offline and won't reboot

I posted this as a reply on an earlier thread:

I just started having a problem with MyCoud Home Duo showing as offline in the WD Discover app, also couldn’t ping it when when logged in to the router, and I couldn’t log into the dashboard.
It was working fine up until recently. I tried a hard shutdown (pulling power), using the power switch on the back, and the reset button. None of those helped.
i have the WD app on my Android phone; it shows the drive as offline, too.

I wrote an email to WD, I’ll add to this post with their recommendations (if any), and also if I don’t hear back from them this week.

Hi @alefdog,

Please refer to the article WD Discovery does not display capacity, free space available, or open the drive:

Hi @Keerti_01,
I have a WD My Cloud Home Duo connected (or was connected) to a MacBook Air. I was able to use the WD Discovery app up until a couple of weeks ago.
The message I’m getting from WD Discovery is that the device is offline. I get the same message from my Android phone app.
I’ve submitted a request to escalate the issue to WD; so far their advice was not helpful. I wrote back and clarified a few things, so hopefully I’ll get back a more useful response, or an RMA number.