OpenVPN, mapped network drive and MyCloud Mirror

Im using Windows 10, i have OpenVPN residing on my router and the Mycloud mirror sitting on the same network. I can map a network drive when im connected to the local network and can gain access to the files on the NAS after ive entered in my credentials. When i use OpenVPN on my laptop (yes, i am connected properly, i can see other devices on that network) and i am on a different network i can no longer gain access to those files. Now heres the kicker, the same OpenVPN file i use for my laptop i use for my android phone(this also works for apple). When i remote in and use ES file Explorer (its a different file explorer for apple) and scan the LAN, my NAS shows up, i enter my credentials, and im in.
Is windows explorer to blame? Why can i remote in on my phone to see the NAS but not my laptop?
Please help, ive found similar issues on this site but with no resolve.

Hello, did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem thansk