Openvpn server

is there any way of knowing the paramenters or taking advantage of the OpenVPN server present in MCEX4?

I wish there could be a way of using it to access remotely the device from internet on my PC.

What have you tried so far in order to access it remotely?

I really did my best to use the MyCloud desktop app, but it is simply UNUSABLE on a touch tablet PC (Surface Pro 2)…

The thing is that I want to have all the files in the NAS showing up in File Explorer, both when on my network at home, and when I am away from my network. Some of them will be synched, some will just show up without taking space on my tablet PC. I tried WebDav, FTP, SFTP, mapping the remote shares/folders… so I just wanted to give a try to OpenVPN to see if it works better (both WebDav and FTP are a little bit slow and sometimes crash File Explorer when accessing from outside the LAN). I used to take advantage of OpenVPN with MyBook Live, when I still owned one, and it worked pretty well accessing files on the NAS from outside my LAN.