Accessing a Mapped Drive while on VPN

Hello Community, I regularly work from home and am logged in via VPN on my Windows 7 laptop. When not on the VPN, I use a mapped drive to access a share on the WD My Cloud but lose the ability to do this once I connect to the VPN. Is there any way to map the drive in a way so that I can also access it while logged into the VPN? Thanks.

What are you connecting your VPN client on your computer too? A VPN server in the router or on a computer?

Is the VPN using the same IP address subnet range as the local LAN the My Cloud is on?

For example if the My Cloud IP address is the computer VPN should have an IP address in the same 192.168.1.x range.

This is not my VPN, this is the VPN of my employer. Does that help?