Opening Files

I have just started using MyCloud but for some reason it will not open an windows doc. file even though I have Windows Office that includes Word. Has anyone had this problem or anything similar.
Thanks Genec1

What device are you using to try and open the documents? A tablet, laptop, desktop, cell phone etc. Are you in File Explorer, the desktop app, the mobile app or the internet under ?

I am using a Gateway desk top with Intel 7. My Cloud will open a PDF doc.

The My Cloud does not “open” the document. Your computer or mobile device does.

How are you open the file? Using what software or app? Are you accessing a local network My Cloud or a My Cloud on a remote network? If local network My Cloud are you using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

You should be able to just double click on the file (on a local network My Cloud) using Windows File Explorer and it should open in Microsoft Word assuming Microsoft Word is correctly installed and associated with the “.doc” or “.docx” file extension.


Since you are on a Gateway desktop PC, what version of Windows are you using? What are your default apps to open Microsoft documents? As Benner said you should be able to open the documents.

Using File Explorer you should be able to select a document, right click on it and choose open. See example image below.

You can also select the document and click on open in the Home ribbon to open it. See example image below.