My Cloud Android App - Not opening Files on App


Just bought the WD HOME and have it synced up to my android Samsung Note 8. When I go to one of my Microsoft Office documents like word or excel and click on it, it gives me a button to click saying “Open In”.

When I click this button I would expect the file to Open on my device or atleast give me a list of Applications to open this in. Instead I get the ‘Share’ menu. This is NOT what I expect to happen as there already is a ‘Share’ option available using the 3 dot menu.

I want to Open the document, not Share it.

the my cloud home app does not support opening documents. Since the app does not support these file types you will have to open them in a different application. if the application you want to use is not in the list you can try sharing the document to other apps. if you would like to see documents as supported file types or more options to open documents in other applications i would suggest posting in the my cloud home ideas board.

Have your visited the Learning Center? You will find information there about the My Cloud Home.

it was working smooth on my android phone when it was running on android version 6.0.1 however as I have updated to android version 7.1.1 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a blank screen on the start up and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it?

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@jaosonsmith21 I don’t own a My Cloud Home but maybe you can find a solution to your problem here.