"Unable to show file preview" from MyCloud.com web App for Words and Excels

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I can preview -and actually open, view and see- PDFs from MyCloud.com web App (Google Chrome) BUT, however, I cannot do the same with Word and Excel files. Does that make any sense? I hope that’s a mistake or an error, isn’t it? I’m not even asking to be able to modify Word and Excel files online from the browser, which would be nice, but at least I think I should be able to open them in order to see the information in them.

Can someone please help me out on this?

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Hi @OTT,

Please check the article of My Cloud Home Desktop App Online User Guide for Information, Configuration, and Solutions:

Hi @Keerti_01,

Thank you for your answer, but it doesn’t apply. Please, go back to my text and notice that my problem relates to the WEB app -and NOT the desktop app .

So, again: when accessing My Cloud from Google Chrome, I can read (open and see the content of) PDFs BUT I cannot open and see the content of Words and Excels. I’m very surprised and disappointed about this.

So, let’s say I’m abroad and I want to read a Word file or to check an Excel file of mine. Let’s say I want to do so from someone else’s pc, because I want to do it from a bigger screen than my smartphone’s, or from a cybercafe, and of course I don’t want to leave any file on those pc. Are you telling me that I cannot read (open and see the content of) Word and Excel docs from the browser? Seriously? Do I really have to download the Word or Excel file to read it? Do you realise how unsafe is that?

I really hope that I’m missing something here. Please someone tell me I’m wrong. By “accessing” files and docs on my own cloud I always thought that I would be able to READ its CONTENT from the cloud, at least when it comes to the most popular archives in the world: .doc and .xls.


The My Cloud Home (MCH) is geared towards the Home user and some office file support can be lacking, however the preview function is readily available with the desktop WD Discovery integration with the MCH.


With the web app, the MCH provides the same functionality as a competing product such as the Synology where you don’t even see a PDF preview:

Those who wish to only use the Web app will have to look at other cloud storage solution or at least pay more attention to the appropriate subforum to let their voices heard. Judging by the lack of posts, there hasn’t been much demand for the functionality since 2018:

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I have the same issue. Can ‘preview’ pictures and pdf files but any MS Office files are not previewed. The documents can be previewed if I am on the iPhone of iPad application, not the web application. I do not use a PC desktop application since I moved to Windows 11. All default file types are properly assigned. I’m using MS Edge pointing to My Cloud.
Please update the web application to allow preview of MS Office files without the need to download first (so I don’t need to download a file I don’t want).