Only Photos can be accessed in Shared folder

OK, so I bit my tongue and bit the bullet today. Updated my 2nd gen MyCloud to OS5. Sorry to post here on the old OS3 forum, but the folks here appear to be a little more knowledgeable and responsive than on the OS5 forum. So far just one issue. When I access the drive remotely (or through, I can see the “Shared Pictures” folder in the shared “Public” folder, but not “Shared Files” or “Shared Videos” (or anything else in the shared “Public” folder).

When I updated the MyCloud and set up OS5 I was asked to share the pictures (which I did) but nothing else.

Any ideas???

Never mind. Apparently, the folders couldn’t be “seen” because of the indexing that was going on (that’s another story)!

Bottom line, WD had dropped support (and remote access) for OS3 and OS5 remote access is unusable because of this stupid indexing.

Get a Synology - I have.

Hi @sktn77a,

Please refer to the below link to know about My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access and Indexing