One blue LED flashing and the battery does't charging more than 5%

Since 5 days ago I had problems with my 3tb passport wirless pro, the battery ran out and I put it to charge, however, not only does it not charge the battery, but a blue LED flashes, and the battery does not go up by 5% what I can not restore from the dashboard, and even in the dashboard shows a yellow alert “USB import stopped” (and I do not have any USB device connected), I did the following:

Restart with hard disk buttons, it did not work
Re-installation of the firmware, it did not work
Disable Plex and Twonky, it did not work
Leave the hard drive connected, it did not work (and the battery does not charge more than 5%).
I deleted all the content (not formatting), it did not work.

When the disk is connected to the power off, only one led flashes slowly and the next blinking makes it fast, then again slow and the next fast.

The only problem is the battery, Wifi and connection to the iMac via usb is normal, also the transmission of data via wirless to devices is also normal, as well as transfer of USB and SD to the hard drive.

When it is switched off and connected, a single LED rapidly flashes.

You could help me, thanks.

Have you tried resetting the drive?

yes, i reseting with two bottoms, and it did not work

Bonjour, j’ai exactement le même problème.
je voudrais savoir si vous avez trouvé une solution ?
merci Pascal

Pascal, bonjour, car il n’y avait pas de solution, j’ai posé un diagnostic directement à partir de l’appareil connecté au PC, puis j’ai contacté le support technique, ils m’ont envoyé un numéro de suivi de colis et après 3 semaines, ils m’ont envoyé un nouvel appareil.

Hi, I seem to be having the same experience as you and have just posted my own thread on the problem.

have you found a solution to this? Did you manage to claim warranty?