One Blue and Two Red Lights

I am running a V1 MyCloud Mirror in Raid1. I started working with three drives about a year ago. Once a month I take one drive out for offsite storage and put in the out of date drive. I started that process this weekend but was not able to do an immediate swap and restart. I shutdown, took out one drive and restarted the system with one drive. I immediately got a red light for the drive that was in the system. I assumed that running with one drive was not allowed so I shut it down, put the drive back in and now both are red lighted. I have tried the 4 second and 40 second resets trying to get good readings. Here is what I am wondering:

  • The enclosure is older, did I hose it and need a new one?

  • Are the two drives messed up?

  • Should I reformat one and try putting in the third one month old data drive in the current enclosure with a reformatted drive?

Are there other options for moving ahead?


You could refer to the following link:

When you replace the drive with the old one, are you erasing the old one before you install it?

Has this worked as described in the past but has only now started happening?

My MyCloud Mirror drive lights are solid red when the drive is almost full. I delete a sufficient number of files and they turn blue again.

Thanks. Problem is that the codes aren’t helping me find a solution. I would love to know whether reformatting a drive and inputting one with about 6 week old data is likely to work or just corrupt the last drive I have with data.

The two drives with the newest data are both saying they are corrupted. I just don’t know why. I don’t want to put my backup data drive in to an enclosure that might corrupt it. If it would just be smarter to buy a new enclosure to not lose data I would do that. But I don’t want to spend the money if that doesn’t make sense.

Hopefully final result. I tracked this down to two problems. The Raid1 setting got corrupted AND one of the hard drives failed. As a result, even full factory reset didn’t help except to identify the bad drive. I have a new drive on the way and I will setup the system again with two drives in Raid1. After all that is done, I will take my third drive with 45 day old Raid1 data and hope the system rebuilds a fresh drive withthe old data and I am back up and running.