Western Digital MyCloud Both the Disk failed

My WD Mycloud’s both the drives failed and show a red light. I am not able to access the drives.
Do anyone know how to fix this issue? Since both are failed did I lose everything? Can this be recovered?
I just moved the device in a plane to a new house and now both the disks show this red light.

Please help as I do not have any other backup of these files. WD

An interesting phenomena. I have two first gen 4tb/bay My Cloud Mirror devices purchased at the same time. Literally days from each other both drives acquired the same status (Drive 1 & Drive 2 went RED).

I have been working on both of them on and off for several weeks. Of course the first thing I did was removed the drives, purchased two new 4tb red drives, purchased two low end 4 tb drives, retrieved as much data as possible onto the cheap drives using EaseUS Data Recovery (note: WD Wondershare Data Recovery performed slow and lack ability to fully recover content so I switched with better success), updated firmware on devices, and then worked on getting devices back up and running.

First device I was able to simply re-initiate the RAID1 and the device formatted the drives so I am up and running.

Second device continues to not want to recognize bay 2. If I remove the disk drive from bay 2 and boot, bay 1 drive is readable but of course no RAID1. If however, I boot with drive in bay 1 and bay 2 I get a message intimating there are no drives inserted. This is the case even if I swap from original red drive to a newly purchased red drive.

No curiously, if I insert a red drive in bay 1 and a cheap 4tb drive in bay 2 I am off to the races with all systems go.

I am not making any conclusions but evidence is two gen 1 mirror devices fail almost simultaneously and newly purchased WD red drives exacerbate the issue. hmmm.

Perhaps solution is to move away from WD. Not certain yet. Still working the issue.

I’d wonder if you’ve had a power spike or something like that. Only something common to but external to the two devices would affect them together like that (given these older devices don’t get firmware updates or anything like that to synchro-brick them).

It might also explain your second device issues, if whatever happened has damaged the power support for it and it is no longer giving enough current to successfully power both drives. What happens if you power both devices down and swap their power bricks over?


I have the exact same problem. Same photo as you show. Were you able to recover your data? How? Please let me know.

The data was still on the drives, but I couldn’t retrieve it by myself as I didn’t have all the right tools.
I had to reachout to a professional to retrieve the data and they charged me a decent amount of money, but were able to get all the data.
Your data is there but difficult to get.