Red Light results in Boneheaded WD Support Response

  1. Red fault = Drive Status fault BUT, Passed the system test and diagnostic test. So why “Fault”?

  2. When I check on the properties for both drives they show identical space used, however I cannot see what files are backed up via the RAID. How can I see, check and verify that the files have been safely copied from Drive 1 to Drive 2? Thank you.

The useless response I got was:
I understand the concern that your device is facing the RED LED status. I really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Based on the information provided, the drive in your device is not working correctly. As your drive is out of warranty, unfortunately, we would not be able to replace that for you.

If you need data recovery, you can try contacting professional data recovery companies as Western Digital does not provide data recovery services.


Can’t I just replace a bad disk, or is it really that part of the My Cloud device itself that is failing and not a disk. All the system health check indicate that everything is okay but presumably some defect is causing the warning

If the My Cloud device is okay would not the solution be to simply replace the disk?

My other question that went unanswered is why I can’t view/access the copied files on disk two?

**** There is supposed to be a RAID setup, which should mean everything on disk one is duplicated on disk two. The problem for me is that the copied files are not visible when I try and look at disk two, yet presumably they are present as both disks indicate the same amount of used and free space when I check their respective properties. How do I verify that disk two does in fact have copies of all of the disk one files?

Hi arthurh,

Under RAID configuration, you can access data if drives are placed in its enclosure.

However, you should use WD Drive Utilities to check the health of RAID configuration of My Cloud device.

I do not understand what you mean by “placed in its enclosure”

I have two drives in my My Cloud Mirror. They are set up as a RAID 1. Both are in their proper enclosures and I can only acess drive 1.

Presumably drive two is a duplicate of drive 1, but I can’t verify this from my computer as I can’t see what was copied to drive 2. If I check the properties, all seems to be in order as the drive have identical used and free space. However, without access, I can’t verify that all data transferred correctly.

Hi arthurh,

As drives are encrypted under RAID configuration and doesn’t allow to access drive. But as both drives are mirrored that means they store same data with same storage amount. However, you can try to rebuild RAID drive in another identical drive if want to confirm for data but it costs with another hard drive.