On / Off WD Mycloud Home

I’m a happy user of the WD MyCloud Home but i have a issue with the power management.

The Duo version has a power button on the back side to power on/off the unit.
But the single version u can switch off the unit with the app but whem you want it to power up the unit you have to do this to unplug the power coord in plug it back. The unit then will startup ???
This is not that 2021…??? why no sleeping mode on the unit so it will power down after some time.
Or why no switch on the power cord??

Is there a future solution for this problem??


You should issue the MCH shut down command via web or mobile app before turning off power completely with the Kasa device. The Kasa HS103 uses about 0.35W on standby. The MCH uses about 9W when there is no apparent disk activity.



Thank you voor your reply.
But i’m realy looking voor a software solution from out WD.
But i will look also at your suggestion.

With Regards


This is also a solution in Europe

I install the powerstrip and it just works fine…i good solution for both mycloud drives.
You can switch te plugs indepenent of each other with the app also outdoors

Good to know your set up worked for you in Europe. Generally a personal cloud storage would be turned on all the time, but I can see cases where one would want to pause or temporarily make a cloud storage unavailable to take care of security issues or maintenance in the field, for example a My Cloud Home unit in a remote location.

So far thanks for your replies and help