No power save mode?

I had the old ‘Home’ device, but it crashed. Bought the new white edition and thought it was like the old one. But is there no way to enter power save mode? Is it meant to be on 24/7?

What old Home device, it has only been out for several months. Are you actually talking about a My Cloud Home or a My Cloud?

Sorry. The old one was a my book live. It had the power save mode…

If you have a My Cloud WDMyCloudImage have you looked at the Dashboard>Settings>General>Energy Saver, see image below?

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

It’s a My Cloud Home. I don’t think it has a dashboard. Only thing working is the WD Discovery program, through that i could download utilities, Backup and Security apps, but they can’t find the drive. I’m just curious, can the drive handle to be on all the time, or should i shut it down. Only way to turn it on again, is to pull the plug and insert it again.

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Device: My Cloud Home

I have exactly the same question: is the device made to be on 24/7 ? What about the power consumption ?

Does the device enters a kind of less consuption mode automatically after 20min of inactivity ?

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Why no one from WD answered that question yet?
I have the same problem.
Do someone know how much electricity is consumes when not it use (in watts)?

Generally a personal cloud storage would be turned on all the time, but I can see cases where one would want to pause or temporarily make a cloud storage unavailable to take care of security issues or maintenance in the field, for example a My Cloud Home unit in a remote location.