Ok... My Book 3TB - Making a soft "click - click"

As described.  It’s not been so much as touched since purchase - not moved, not dropped, not nudged.  It has been coddled and never exposed to any sort of physical stress.

Today I noticed it’s not showing up in my WD Smartware.  I lean in to listen and it’s making a soft “click-click”

This thing is full of my data - of every sort.  It is also still under warranty.   What can I expect from WD?  I mean, sure they can simply replace the defective drive, but how do I get my stuff off of it?

Just wondering how bad this is going to get.  Thanks to all who reply.

Try using a different power outlet for the power plug and not a surge protector. That will eliminate that as a cause.


That had no effect.  Drive is still behaving as before.

Well, I got no meaningful help at all from Western Digital.  Basically sent me a response that made completely clear the person who replied had not read my submission.

I guess what I want to know is, if this is a case of bad heads can those be replaced and can I avoid doing a very expensive data recovery?

I also want to say (regardless of what the cause and solution are) the idea that WD can slop out a drive this expensive that dies after sitting comfortably on a desk after only a year, and then basically send you a nonsense Support reply, is just terrible.  At least shape the reply resemble the issue I’m having.