CASE CLOSED: **bleep** happens and MyBook 1.5 TB dies... [bye bye]

I knew it will happen eventually and after barely three months of little use it has:

a brand new 1.5 TB myBook essential usb is not working. Not showing under under any of two laptops (Xp and 7 systems).

I am not complaning anymore. I know nobody at WDC is going to help.

I’ll try to get a refund or a new HDisk from the retailer, losing all the work and time spent in two and a half months. Feeling anger and frustration… :robotmad:



Thanks for your time.  

Sorry but I can’t help it! :robotwink:

Instead of trying some solutions, giving true advice or just being quiet some folks around just dedicate their time to delete and edit the content of the post… funny verrry verrrry funny [Kraut mode on].

Ok I understand it. But after the initial laugh I’m still verrry verrrry angry! [/Kraut mode off].

I am going to lose my time, my work and saliva because of this crappy product. No problema, U can delete my post, my other comments but I won’t buy again from WD and that’s is a BLEEPY BLEEPY fact!

No sorry no thank you WDC.   All the pest!  :robotvery-happy:

The sad part is if you look on Amazon,com, Newegg, etc and look at user reviews they are about like here.


Extremely unfortunate that a lot of poor consumers are not aware about how DISGUSTINGLY CRAPPY a WD product turns out to be and the only competition to the worthlessness of their product is thier service! (sorry, guess I shouldnt even use the word “service” this company’s staff… its just whatever it is they do by wasting out time energy and money)


I was exceptionally given a full refund and I chosed a portable external HDisk, different brand and capacity (of course). Lovely red ego I have now (hope it suits me!) :robotsurprised:

Still there was some money left so I decide to make myself a gift, just for all the (bad)times I had with MyBook (lovely name by the way) so I purchased also a magnificient album by Serge Gainsbourg: Histoire de Melody Nelson -1971.

Just a small gratification. :robotvery-happy:

I could not recuperate any of my data… too bad. But I learned my lesson and as Mr. Community said: A backup is not a buckup until you have a second backup of the backup… or somthing similar, so I will not erase the original files until I am sure that no WDigital drives are involved in my work. (Still I have my lovely 160 GB Pink Passport 3 or 4 years old).

So all the best for U all and lots of patience my friends. I’ll drop by from time to time… just for fun. :robotwink:


I purchased a 1T WD external drive over a year ago.  It was totally unreliable and I unplugged it after 2 weeks.  I purchased a newer one 1.5T Elements 1 month ago and so far so good.  Having had lots of experience with back-up drives since my first purchase I thought maybe it was me the first time and I plugged the first one in again. That was 14 hours ago and I’ve been trying to get it to operate all day.  I am now typing this post in safe mode because my computer is crashing constantly.  My windows explorer doesn’t recognize that the drive exists. I’ve installed and uninstalled the software 5 times now.  When I plug the drive into the computer I get the found new hardware sounds.  The software tells me it is ‘preparing’ installation.  3 hours later it is still ‘preparing’.  

I have followed every instruction in this site but I get a big zero. Thanks to System Restore points I’ve been able to get my computer operational several times, but like I said, I’m back in Safe Mode again.  My Maxtors and Seagates and my iomega’s (I’ve been at this for many years) have never given me a single problem on any of my computers.  This is the end of the road for WD and me.