My Book Essential stopped working 1 day

I never touched it, i bought it and it sat on a shelve above my desk plugged in and one day i went to use my drove and it didnt work. the light are on the front, not flashing just solid, i decided to try it again and all it does is make a really high pitch noise that increases in pitch until i hear a very faint click then it restarts, I’ve called WD support and they are useless, i capled many times but instead of listening and helping they suggest i buy a new one and give me a generic apology. i have the drive open at the moment and i am pretty good with electronics so if someone would like to give me suggestions i’ll definately try everything i can.


Even if you are good with electronics fixing this drive is not as easy as it sounds

it might not be possible to fix considering the problem you described

you can search online for problems regarding drive making noise and you will see that in most cases replacing is the last and only option

When all the connections are good and solid and the drive isn’t working, it’s time to RMA it out.

and you better hope that you put that thing back together perfectly.  otherwise your rma will get rejected.  cause if they can tell that you’ve opened the case, you’ll get your warranty voided.  

in there important information on the disk that needs to be saved?