My Book Essential not connecting

I have had this external drive for a couple of months and the other day I noticed it was not recognized on my PC. I tried various usual things like disconnect, reconnect and rebooting the PC all without success.

It looks like a lot of people have the same problem however, I registered a case ticket with WD and never received a response so I telephoned them.

They confirmed that the drive has failed and it will be replaced free of charge but the failed item will have to be returned at MY COST and … I will now be losing all the data on that drive.

So I have a fairly new item that has failed. Many other people have had the same problem and WD are willing to replace it as long as I pay the postage to return the failed item! Over 95000 other people have accessed a message regarding how to fix this. Surely, this must mean something to WD.

When are WD going to realize that they have a inherent problem with this drive and do something about it besides replacing it and asking their customers to pay for it?


If you contact WD and explain the situation they will do something for you. I have been in your situation before and after I reach WD by email they solve the issue right away.