Absolute Garbage! Tell all your associates!

Worse peice of electronics I have ever bought.

Look at this forum!  WD’s own forum.  There are millions of posts here with users all suffering the effects of dead or non-recognized hard drives.

Same old story here.  WD My Book Premium 320 gb.  Right off the bat I realized their **bleep** software would not do a proper backup after struggling for hours.  Then realized that even Windows (XP) would not do a proper backup to this thing.  Then weird intermittant issues of the drive not being recognized…just disappears from “My Computer”.  Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting the power would restore it.

Now I’m dead.  And all my data is presumabley dead.  I do not have a computer science degree from MIT so I doubt that I’ll be implementing any of the extremely complicated forensics/ rescue techniques, nor could I pay someone to do this.

So I’ve lost data.  WD obviously is doing nothing for the thousands of unhappy customers.  And I’ll never buy another WD product for the rest of my life.  And I’ll tell everyone for the rest of my life, when involved in tech discussions, to avoid WD like the plague.

It’s like a fire extinguisher that fails to operate when you need it most- and the company offers a refund for the device if it’s on warranty.  And what about my house that just burned down?

The funny thing (there’s got to be humor somewhere, right?) is that when I registered to post in the forum, the username "unhappy " was already taken!  But really, I’m more of an “infuriated” kind of guy! 

Western Digital:  You guys really make some [Deleted]

ohhhh, I’m assuming you contact WD already and they told you they won’t do nothing for you right? 

This is a users forum not customer service. Maybe if you posted your problem somebody may  be able to help. Something you just apparently learned the hard way is never trust just one drive for important data. It doesn’t matter who makes it internal or external they can all fail. One copy is not a backup.


Total **bleep**.  1st my book took dump after days of purchase. Lost data. Replacement was installed for a little over a month and is now not recognized. 500gb of  lost info. Passport smae thing, is not recognized. Software is a resource **bleep**.

3 different computers with 1 less than a month old. Lost all system images, back up.

Run Forest Run Purchase these products only if you need a door stop.

Spend extra money for a premium back as I have lost $1000s worth ofunreplaceable data.


You do a nice job helping people.  Your efforts are noticed. But I feel very frustrated with WD too.

I wrote 6 emails to customer service following 3 attempts to reach WD personnel through email support.  I tried to speak with someone in person, but gave up after waiting on hold for 56 minutes (my lunch break was over…).

8 of 9 attempts to resolve excruciatingly slow transfer speeds on large files were ignored.  The one reply back I got from customer service referred me back to tech support, demonstrating clearly that no one bothered to read the complaint in the first place.

I still don’t know if there is a solution to my original problem.  Frankly I’m too busy taking care of my customers to waste any more time being one of yours.  I didn’t lose any data, but only because it wouldn’t transfer in the first place! 

I must add my voice to the others here who are fed up.  I wasted my money one of WDs products.  I only make that mistake once… I’ll buy from WDs competitors until they treat me worse than WD does.  Unfortunately, that might not take too long as it seems quality and service is poor all over these days.

Does anyone have a preference of externall hard drive other than WD? I can’t believe the problems they have caused me. I would like to know what externall hard drive works the way it is suposed ot? What is the popular brand?

Kay007 wrote:

Does anyone have a preference of externall hard drive other than WD? I can’t believe the problems they have caused me. I would like to know what externall hard drive works the way it is suposed ot? What is the popular brand?

Well …  LOL

wrong forum to talk about other drives…

People of this forum use WD drives… I have not had any problems so far

What type of drive are you interested on getting?

This is one thing everyone needs to understand, there is on “BEST” drive out there. They all fail one way or another. I am not in position to take anyone’s side on this matter, but I got to say this - Data Loss is mainly caused by end user who refused to keep backup of important stuff, not the company that sold him the product. Nothing lasts forever, especially now. WD would replace any faulty device as long as it is under warranty, so you should have been more proactive with keeping your info safe. By safe I mean not on a single storage unit. If you kept more than 1 copy of your important data there would be no issue. Don’t you agree?