Off line work

Hello i use a my cloud for archive all my file, but if my cloud is not connected to internet he can’t work.
how i can take file of my cloud when is a offline?

I believe you can’t (I’ve just read a couple of posts here in the forum).

Anyway I don’t know how’s that possible. Imagine my ethernet port just breakes for example… How could I get my content back ? Break the cage and get the disk ?

Does anyone know if WD have any plans of implementing this in the future ? Is there a new firmware planned to be published soon ?

@claudio87 Do you have a My Cloud Home or a WD MY CLOUD? WDMyCloudImage

Yes!!! for example yesterday my internet don’t work for all day, i can’t open my file!!! i think this like a hard disk but i can’t open in my pc for take file… is absurd

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my cloud home

same sh*t
I’m so sad, it’s the worst purchase ever

If someone from WD Staff can get us some feedback would be cool :slight_smile:

The user private space accessed using the mobile, web and desktop app mounted network drive through WD Discovery cannot be accessed without an active internet connection. I would suggest using a My Cloud for local NAS storage.

Thanks for your feedback SBrown. Well that’s really really annoying. I really don’t understand why this feature is not available. So if I have a problem with my Ethernet port on the cage I cannot get my data back?

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I think the problem in your marketing and website
I bought storage, this storage stay at my home and I don’t have access to this storage is absurd. why? I don’t see any logic
And it’s not clear after reading your site:

that’s first what I read in the

"The all-new My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you can easily save, organize and control all your digital content in one central place and wirelessly access it all from anywhere.

Plenty of space to keep photos, videos and files from all your phones, tablets, computers and external storage devices, in one place at home. Just plug it into your Wi-Fi router and use your smartphone to set up. No computer necessary. No monthly fee required."

AND yes - in the end of site in the spec: “Requires a router and internet connection.” I read this, but I thought that is need for fully features, because don’t have access to storage which you hold in your hands is absurd

for now I lost my money

PS: sorry for my english

Could you implement SMB in the My Cloud Home? this feature will resolve all issues

@stkotandr My Cloud Home support SMB. There are two storage locations for My Cloud Home, (1) Private User Space that require internet access and can be seen only using Mobile, Web and Desktop App. (2) SMB Public Share under Windows designed only for local backup software and not data storage.

I’m saying about SMB for “Private User Space”. it will be cool and logical to have access to you private data (photos, videos etc) without internet.

I don’t have internet more than 5 days and what I need to do for getting my personal data from this “piece of cloud”??

Wasn’t there any solution? What if WD disables his service???