My Cloud Home - Access File without Internet access

I am looking at purchasing a MY Cloud Home either 16TB or 20TB.

Last year when I changed internet providers the ISPs messed up and I was without internet for a week.

I need to know if you can access files on the My Cloud Home (from a PC on the same LAN) without internet access?

I Have read conflicting answers

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

WD My Cloud Home: Best Cloud Storage for Photos (2 TB - 8 TB) | Western Digital

I have read it, its still not clear, I wish I could get a straight yes / no answer


I don’t own one because I have two WDMYCLOUDS. You may want to check with WD or wait for an owner to answer. Did you try the online support links shown at the beginning of the User Manual?

Did you see this?

Internet Connectivity
:black_small_square: My Cloud Home devices must be connected to the Internet. They should be connected to
an available router through the included Ethernet connection. (This is not a Wi-Fi®
device.) Gigabit capability for the router or switch is recommended to maximize
performance. The router requires a Broadband (WAN) Internet connection with an
Internet Service Provider (ISP) for initial setup, software downloads and for accessing the