How do I upload to my cloud home without using internet?

I have a my cloud home. I can access it by my network and upload files. The problem is any file I upload this way I can’t view on the my cloud home app on my phone. I have to upload to to be able to view my files. The problem is that method uses my internet bandwidth. It seems as if my cloud home and are two different entities that don’t communicate to each other. How can I upload a video to my cloud home without using the internet and still be able to view it on my phone when I am away from home?

the short answer: without internet this device not working

and you need to read this topics


internet connection is required for account authentication. You can install WD Discovery and it will mount the private user space as a drive on the computer. You can then drag and drop files to the my cloud home and if you are on the same network the transfer will be via your LAN.

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I setup my My Cloud Home with the internet per instructions. Then followed instructions to set up Plex on the My-Cloud.

When that was done, using my Plex App on my ROKU, i lynched the two together using the internet. Keep in mind i was using my hot spot on my phone for all of this so i was trying to be conservative with my DATA.

When i got the two Lynched up, i put my videos and etc in the appropriate shared Plex folders and BOOM i was set. I disconnected my WiFi and i was still streaming to my ROKU via WiFi router/ no internet. Apparently Plex can run in offline mode which in turn pulls the files from My Cloud Home.

ROKU in turn, does run offline also. It’s a different story with my TV’s and so forth. It did work but for some reason, it was slow. I did not try it on my Tabs and phone yet but i will when i get home from work today.

So basically, IMO, after the initial setup you can disconnect from internet. I think it just needs WIFI. If you want to add to the drive you can connect it to your computer’s Ethernet port for that. I have not done any more testing yet, but i will, Peace

As a warning to others thinking of buying this device and finding this old thread through Google. You cannot use the My Cloud without internet access. It requires internet as it authenticates you through the WD servers. If you disconnect from the internet while using it, it will continue to work for up to an hour before your session expires and you lose access to your files. I have been unable to find any work around to make this work as a proper NAS.