32 bit Windows 7 pc

For anybody who hasn’t encountered the pathetic My Cloud Home Duo.
It’s NOT a matter of plugging it into the network, going to the config page and setting up.
(Like a normal network drive).

You need to sign up for an online account with WD Mycloud.
Once you have registered you can then download the unbelievably incompetent software ‘WD Discovery’ to actually access the drive.
YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE DRIVE without this software. so you have to be on the internet.

The software is slow, as documented all over the internet.
It took almost an hour for it to install on my pc.

But here’s the real kicker - the software doesn’t work with 32bit Windows machines.
Either the software can’t find the drive
or it crashes out and may take hours to ‘refind’ it.
This one is very well documented all over the internet.

Four hours I spent on this rubbish today. I call the My Cloud Home Duo the ‘Trump Machine’ - because it is so unbelievably stupid.

My best advice is to break the hard drive out of it’s casing and put it into a proper NAS drive.
And throw the rest of the rubbish in the bin.

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