My Cloud no internet setup

is it possible to use the my cloud without the internet? im in the navy and live on a ship and we have no internet for it to connect to. we have bought a router so we can have a LAN but the device is not being found.

Any help would be great.

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Do you have a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home?

Yes i have made an account and downloaded the desktop app for windows. When i go on the desktop its not recognising the device. Its showing on my computer and im able to copy a file over, just cant connect to it. It says im either off line or not connected ti internet.

Hi, i have plugged the device into my router at home but it still say no internet connection, but still lets me transfer it over.

So is it not possible to use it just plugging it in to a router without internet so people can hook up to the router and find it that way?

To clarify:

  • Access using the My Cloud Home Mobile App, and the Desktop App via WD Discovery requires internet access.

  • Yes you can plug into your router and access the Public network shares via Windows Samba like the image below.

That is not coming up on my computer. Even when i plug it into my home router that has internet. When i go to settings in my devices it says either in standby or no internet.