Do I need active Internet connection in order to access the contents of wd my cloud storage?

Hi! I’m Dhiman. I need help for wd my cloud storage device. Consider this setup: I connect the wd my cloud storage to a router and connect my windows pc, Android tablet and windows phone. The most important point is there is no Internet connection in this network. With this setup, can I access the contents of the storage from my laptop or tab or phone? If yes then how?

yes, you can access mycloud while on the same network aka LAN (home network). No need for internet connection at all.

For the how, please read the user manual, if you have any questions afterwards, let us know.

If you have not already done so, please read the My Cloud User Manual as it will explain the various features and options of the My Cloud device including enabling or disabling Remote Access.

If you do not want Remote Access enabled on the My Cloud, simply disable it via: Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access > Remote Access = Off.

Thanks guys a lot. But do I need to be signed in all time to the cloud storage even if I want to transfer file within my home LAN( like pogoplug devices)? And in order to access the mycloud device contents from mobile apps, do internet connection required even if all my devices including the my cloud device and phone is connected with same router or are in my home LAN?

If you disable Remote Access within the Dashboard the My Cloud should no longer be accessible via The site is for remote access to the drive from one’s web browser. The site IS NOT the My Cloud Dashboard. they are two different URL’s/Websites. You only need to be logged into the My Cloud Dashboard if making changes to the unit or reviewing the unit settings/features otherwise there is no need to be logged into the Dashboard.

The mobile apps and the WD Desktop software all work fine when connected to the same local network that the My Cloud is attached to when that My Cloud has Remote Access disabled.

Thanks Bennor.