My Cloud Home - Android app - Query

Does the MyCloud android app always requires internet? When the device is connected to my wifi router, I am able to access it from my laptop, even when there is no internet connectivity. However, once I try to access the same from the mobile app, nothing happens - the app just keeps on loading. My mobile, laptop and Mycloud are on the same wifi. So, does the android app always requires internet (even in the same network) or the issue is something else?


My Cloud Home requires an active internet connection in order to access the device using the client apps.
The client apps are:

  • WD Discovery Desktop App
  • My Cloud Home mobile app (Android or iOS)

The client apps are used to login and access the users private space (Remote mounted drive).
The local LAN shares that you see in Windows Network or macOS Finder (Public / TimeMachineBackup) are not remote accessible shares, but are LOCAL LAN shares.

So that means even when I am at home, and using the same internet connection, I would need internet to connect? Plus I would be using double the bandwidth, first for uploading from phone and second for downloading to mycloud!!?