Can I access my content if there’s no internet?

Erm… if my internet goes down (but local connection is fine). Will I still be able to access my content?

I swear if the answer is no, this thing is going in the bin.

I have the same issue. This behave is so weird ! Mycloud home depends on Internet connection but the “Time machine backup” embedded in MyCloud Home is always working! This is not a local network.
If I knew this, I would not buy WD Mycloud Home.

I just purchased a unit last week and from reading the forum, the short answer is no. However, if you had backup to an external USB drive through MCH, you could always unplug that and plug it into another computer to get to your data when the internet is down. The MCH can be more suitably thought of as a personal internet backup drive rather than a local device.

Feb '18

The my cloud home requires an internet connection to authenticate the account. If internet is not available you would need a different product. The regular My Cloud should work if that is the case.’

MCH? How do I do that?

Is that the Public folder that shows up on the drive when it shows up as a device on my network…? Because those files are separate from the files in the app and I can’t see any way to bring them together

Some people abbreviate the My Cloud Home unit as MCH. When you plug a USB drive into the USB3 port of the MCH, the online content (also called Private User Space by WD) is available for backup up to the USB drive using the web browser app (at This functionality is at least currently available, at one time a few years back one could only copy from the USB onto MCH and not the other way.
…edited: mycloud dot com will not be available when there is no internet, but assuming a backup to USB was done prior to outage, the USB drive can be plugged into a PC and the data accessed that way. Paradoxically, data to and from the MCH is copied the fastest using the MCH USB3 port with most transfers achieving 80+ MBps. Copying to and from the ‘private user space’ on the MCH on the Lan using the WD Discovery shortcut can range from only 9 to 18 MBps.

My Cloud Home Storage Locations
The My Cloud Home has two storage locations.