NUT Master on Home Assistant

Hi Community!
I have a question regarding connecting to a NUT server that I have running on a Home Assistant install.

The setup: I have an APC UPS connected by USB to my Home Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi. I am able to get the UPS’s parameters perfectly on my Home Assistant. Here is my HA Config:

As you can see it is configured as a netserver.

I am now trying to connect to this server from my WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. I enter the IP Address of my Home Assistant install as follows:

But get the error “Your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra could not connect to the UPS (master) device.”

I am unable to enter port number 3493 when entering the IP address.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

Hi @tejasitraj,

Please refer to this KB article: Network UPS Configuration on a My Cloud

@Neha_07 this does not help at all, did you even read the question? I am trying to use a Home Assistant as a NUT Master, not another WD device like the KB article says.

We are sorry to hear about your experience. I would recommend you contact our online support team (

I am also trying to do exactly the same thing. The problem that we have is that NUT on the raspberry pi is quite old. Sniffing the network, the EX2 seeks to setup a secure TLS session with the pi. Unfortunately no version of NUT “out of the box” supports this request and the pi/EX2 gracefully agree not to set up a partnership.
A chap called Roger Price has created some (pi hosted) “shims” that set up a TLS conversation with EX2 and translates the requests into plain text for the NUT apps running on the pi.I have not yet tried installing these because the next stumbling block will be “what credentials the EX2 sends (login,password)”. If all the components work correctly together then there is little point sniffing the network … all that will be visible will encrypted login,password!
This is of course entirely correct from WDs perspective, given the recent problems. But it does leave us in a difficult position.
If you (or WD) can provide login, password then getting the whole configuration running becomes feasible. Equally if somebody (cleverer than me) can catch the plain text stream from the shim to NUT, it becomes possible to set up an account for the EX2 in the pi based NUT server

Bad form replying to my own message.

Apparently (with debugging turned on) the “shim” will report all failed transactions (and their contents) in a log file