Not able to set up password for My Passport


I bought WD My Passport external hardrive. I can transfer data files there, but I cannot set up password protection.

I installed WD Security app to my Windows 10 PC. When I click there the “Apps” and then “Open” for WD Security, it opens a pop-up window which says “Attach a supported WD drive”.

Does anyone know what might be the reason that my WD Passport does not show up in the window?



Have you checked the Help item at bottom left os the Drive Security window?

Did you do a WD Setup?

Not sure, but if you are not going to use the WD software, then password lockout might not be supported., and the drive will not be recognized. If you do get the password to work, be VERY careful not to forget or lose it. Many people have lost their data because they can’t find the password.

If that does not help please provide some more information about your drive and system.


Hi Cliff,

I have checked the help window. I didn’t find there anything which would help to solve my problem.

I did install WD Discovery. It has two tabs: “Storage” and “Apps”. My drive shows up in the storage tab when it is connected to my PC. However, only thing I can do there is to eject the hard drive. When I select the “Apps” tab, I see multiple options. One of them is “WD Security”. According to user manual I should be able to set up the password by clicking the “WD Security” app. However, as I explained, it opens a pop-up window which says “Attach a supported WD drive”. “My Passport”-hard drive, which I bought is “supported WD drive”. However, for some reason, the security app does not work for me. Not sure if should return the product or if there is a way to get it working.

Please let me know what extra information you would need about my drive and system. The specifications for the drive which I bought can be seen behind this link: I have black 1 TB drive.


Hi Vellu,

If the help doesn’t help, I’m not sure I can help either. You could check the Support window and open a case.


If WD Security app does not see your device then your device does not support it. What is your device model? Like 25A2, 0740 etc… then there I can help you find if your device support or not. You can look in the .xml or something in the WD folder it will tell you which device it support for encryption.