No way to delete files


I have a folder that contains some files (approx. 400GB) that I want to delete completely.
Every time I try to delete stuff from the MyCloud Shares Marc says that some files are in use. Even if I reboot Mac and/or the NAS right before trying to delete them.
In the past I just used the mobile app to delete larger folders but as this share is not connected to the web access (because I don’t want to index 400GB just to delete it) I don’t know what to do.
My only operating system is Mac OS though.

As I often said please WD give us the option to exclude folders from indexing or thumbnail generation. For me its okay that I wait a little bit before accessing a shared folder for the first time rather than index/ thumbnail everything and don’t need most of it.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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@Steffen9119 similar to Windows, if a file on the NAS is in use by any process, the file cannot be deleted. Basically you’ll need to find out which process is locking the file using the lsof command and kill it. lsof is not included in My Cloud OS 5, but should be included in macOS.

Found an easier solution.
I often use FreeFileSync for backups and synchronizing large amounts of files.
So I just cloned an empty folder to the folder I wanted to delete :rofl: It totally ignores if files are used somewhere (it gives you a warning if you want).
For everyone who reads this in the future: Only do this if you are 100% sure that you want the files gone!

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The solution I found was through SSH.

  1. Access the Settings → Network → Network Services-> ON (Enable)
  2. Click “Configure>>” to set the password for the “sshd” user
  3. From the terminal, ssh sshd@{IP Address of NAS}} and enter the password you configured
  4. “cd/” to root then “cd shares” and go into the directory(ies)
  5. Delete anything you need from there