Delete not possible, file in use?

using an ex2 and client osx,
while trying to delete folders, i get the exception that this is not possible, because files are in use!?!
does anyone know how to repair this ?
(there are no other users, there is no extra software installed)
i already restarted the ex2, but the problem is still there,
thanks markus

Can you delete it using SSH ?

did not try it yet, is there any howto ?
shall i try it due to diagnostics?
because normally we are normal users in company and family, and most of us do not know how to use ssh.

Well, if you dont know linux, then it’s tricky…

First step is to activate SSH on the device from the UI. The set a password. This is all in the manual…
Then you go to your PC start a command prompt (sorry I dont know how that works in OSX, I’m a PC guy) and type in the command ssh sshd@‘your EX2s address’ and give it the password you created earlier (the username is ALWAYS sshd for EX2 devices).
Then you need to locate the file. I guess you know where it is. So type in the command cd /‘path to file CASE sensitive’
From there you should be able to see the file. Type ls -l to get a list of files in that location.
When you have found the file, the command to delete it is rm ‘CASEsensitive filename’

Now, if Linux wont delete the file, it’s because it’s in use “by something”. So if you did all this, and it still wont delete, then try the command fuser ‘CASEsensitive filename’

The result should be a list (hopefully only ONE entry though), of process numbers using the file. You should see it something like ‘CASEsensitive filename’ ‘somenumber’

You can now issue the command ps ‘somenumber’ to see what process is using your file. Depending on the result, you can kill the process, and try the delete again, or you may want to change something in your devices configuration to get it to release the files (if eg it’s the SMB process holding it, you can disable SMB while you delete it)