Cannot delete files

I am trying to delete files from from NAS and it keeps coming up with “The operation cant be completed because the file is in use”. So I may have a folder with a whole bunch of folders and files within it and it won’t delete ANY of the files because apparently one of them is in use. These are files that are somehow in use on the NAS - I am not accessing them or using them. I am trying to make space on the drive but unable to delete anything unless I go through them one by one (which is ridiculous considering there are thousands of image files!)

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Try deleting the files from or WD My Cloud Mobile app.

I struggled with a large mp4 (4.4 GB) file which would not respond and I could not delete. Apparently it “thought” it was in use by another program. Finally, I opened the MyCloud interface and selected Reboot.

After reboot, the file responded and I was also able to delete it.

Have the same issues, why can we not just delete using the laptop etc be it Mac or PC ? Mac suggests file locked they are not or the 15 I just looked at. (no do not have the app) thank you

thank you nice idea, gave it a go no joy.