Unable to delete folder - some strange permissions problem

I was transferring folder from external drive on my Mac (running osX El Capitan) to NAS share folder using my account.

Disk from where I was transferring original folder ejected due loose USB cable and transfer stopped.

Now I’m left with 12GB folder that I can’t access or delete. Icon is 50% transparent.

It’s strange because I have read and write permissions for all the files. How can I force delete this folder is there any file browser in WD nas os?

If you cannot delete the folder using Mac Finder (or Windows File Explorer), you could try using one of the WD mobile apps,or WD Desktop software or the MyCloud.com web portal to delete the folder/files. One could also, if the files are in their own Share, try removing the entire Share via the My Cloud Dashboard. Or one can access the My Cloud at the root level via SSH and remove the folder or files at the command line level (or using a SSH GUI program like WinSCP).