"no storage present" with HFTS+ WD Passport

Hello everyone,

    I have a macbook and I use my 500G Passport as a time machine for the macbook. So it’s formatted as HFTS+ journaled, case sensitive. When I plug it in, the light on my passport lights up and I can feel it working but nothing shows up on the screen. 

 I have another USB that’s formatted to HFTS+ journaled and it works fine…

Help please!


First, plug the drive to your computer and check inside of it for a “.wdtv” folder (it might be hidden) and delete this folder. Then, plug the drive back to the WD TV to see if you have the same issue.

If that does not work then go ahead and RESET the WD TV by pressing the RESET button for 10 seconds.

I do not think having JOURNALED drive is supported