No shared contents!

I recently purchased a WD MyBook Live and  TV Live Plus.

I copied video and audio files to the respective folders on the Public share of the MyBook Live.

Then I tried to play them from the TV Live Plus. While I can see them from Shares I can NOT see them from Media Streamer-Twonky.  I get the message “No shared contents!” when I select the Video or Music.

I have confirmed on the MyBook Live on the Media page that Twonky is enabled, and that none of the streaming devices are blocked. An indeed I can see the IP address of the TV Live Plus.

I’ve also confirmed that I can play the media from a Windows PC via the twiony webpage http://mybooklive:9000.

Well, that’s an issue with the MBL, not the Plus, so this really isn’t the best place to ask.

But I would guess that you have not re-built the Twonky database?

Thanks, I rebuilt the Twonky database, and then I could see (and stream) content. For about a week then I had to do so again.  How often am I supposed to have to rebuild the database?

Also I can’t stream ripped DVD’s. If I click on the VIDEO_TS.BUP I just get a black screen with a bar and time on the bottom of the screen.

So I tried ripping a DVD to an ISO file. I understand that I can’t play an ISO file through twonky so I used network shared and selected mybooklive.  However I get the message

“There is no medial in the current folder.”

However if I leave the same ISO file on a network share on a PC, then i CAN play the video. So what’s different here? Why can’t the WD TV Live Plus see the files?

Not too sure about that, but I do know that VIDEO_TS.BUP isn’t the right file…  It should be VIDEO_TS.IFO or one of the VOB files.

I’ve got a number of ISOs on my MBL and no issues for me…

Yes it’s VIDEO_TS.IFO, I mis-remembered that. And I found a solution to network shares on this forum. Create a user id and password on Mybook LIve. Don’t be clever and think you can just add a password for anonymou. Turn off auto logon to the network share. Connect to the share. Enter the new user id and password. Then turn autologon back on. Whew…

But now I am back to my original problem. Connecting to the Media Server on MyBook Live I get once again:

No shared contents!

What does that even mean?

Ok, let’s try something different.

Use your PC and browse to TWONKY on your MBL.  

http://(whatever ip):9000

You should see the Twonky Webserver.   See if you can browse your files from there.

If not, then you know the issue is the Twonky setup itself.

In the MBL’s web dashboard, make sure you enabled MEDIA SHARING for the shares where your media reside; whichever media types are appropriate; photos, videos, or music.

Then go back into the TWONKY webserver and rebuild the database.

Remember, though, that TWONKY *will not serve* DVDs.   So if all your media are DVDs, then that itself is the problem.

Web browser access to Twonky is fine. I can see all my music and videos. Mybook LIve - Twonky aslo appears in Windows Media Player.

Everything is in “My” folders in the Public share, for which Media Serving is set to All.

I realize that Twonky can’t server up an ISO file but I can access those through a network share.

Thanks for you help.