WD TV Live & WD MYbook Live - No longer working together?


I have a WD TV LIVE media player and a MYBook Live NAS drive which up until this week were working together fine.

Now when I try to connect to the drive throught the menus it shows up as;

[MediaDrive] TwonkyMedia

And when I try to access it I get the message;

There is no media in the current folder

I can still connect to the drive through my wireless and wired network?

does anyone know what may have happened?

I wonder if the firmware for the NAS Drive has updated and the media player no longer recongises it?

Can someone help?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Anyone? Bump!

ChopsMcgee wrote:

Now when I try to connect to the drive throught the menus it shows up as;


[MediaDrive] TwonkyMedia


What did it show up as before? 

Have you confirmed that you’ve got Twonky configured correctly?

It just showed up as MediaDrive, which is what the actual drive is called on the network.  The Twonky bit has just appeared, and I have no idea what that is :frowning:

It’s connected via ethernet through a Virgin Superhub by the way, not sure if I mentioned that.

Could it be something in the WD Mybook config that has changed?


On the WDTV, it sounds like you’re trying to connect to it via the “Media Server” selection of the Content Source selector, where you might be wanting to select the “Network Shares” selection instead.

Hmmm, I think I had always done it that way, I’ve only had it a few months, Ill try again, just need to remember the default username and password.


Sorted it, but not sure why it happened,

Originally I had changed the Shared video shared music etc to just




This worked ok, but at some point the drive recreated the shared directories, but they were empty.

I deleted them a few times but it kept recreating them.

anyway, for some reason now it would only detect files in these directories?  go figure.

Ive now copied everything over and it works but I am sutck with shared before each directory!

thanks again!