Unable to stream media

HI All,

I have just bought the 1TB version and I am getting really frustrated tring to get this working!

Connected the MBL to the network, am able to login to the admin backend, carried out a update to make sure everything is up to date.

Tranferred files to the public folder

Tried to connect to Twonky through Toshiba Regza TV… can see Tonky as the media server, click on video get a message ‘No Playable Media available’

Tried to connect through sony SMP NW 100 … again can see twonky but get the same message no playable media files

Trie on IPad through WD2Go same…

Before this drive I had Mezzmo on my PC and never had any issues.

Can anyone PLEASE Help…



A couple of basics, first:

1- confirm you have Twonky Service ENABLED (SETTINGS / MEDIA / ENABLE checked.)

2- Expand the STATUS section on that same page.  What do you see there?

3- Confirm that the share that contains your media has Media Serving ENABLED.   (SHARES section / highlight the share / make sure Media Serving is set to something OTHER than “NONE.”)

Thanks for the reply.

  1. Twonky is enabled

  2. mybook.jpg

3, The share Media Serving is set to All

Thanks again


We can’t see your image until a moderator approves it. 

It might be faster if you describe what it says.

ah sorry…

Twonky Service is enabled

Media Players shows

2x Generic Media Receivers

1x Toshiba Regza TV

2x Windows 7

there are no ticks inthe block column

under status:-

Version 5.1.9

Last Database Update 02:19:08

Music Tracks 51

Pictures 25

Videos 252



Can anyone help??

I need help with this or I will just have to take it back :o(



Just a thought…

  1. Are there any firmware updates for your Toshiba TV?

  2. Can your TV access standard network shares?

HI There,

No updates for the TV (or for the other devices I am trying to connect with)

This is soooo frustrating : o(

One thing I notice is that there’s no IP address listed for your TV; so your TV hasn’t fully “registered” itself with the Twonky server.

You might try to clear the devices list within Twonky and start over.

Go to 

http:\ip address of your  MBL:9000

(the :9000 part at the end is important…)

HI there.

Getting nearer!!

I did a factory reset and started again… now I can get everything to work with the sony smp nw100 media player : o) and I can get the music to work with the toshiba tv… unfortunately videos are listed but the time is all zeros and the file wont play… I can’t see the photo files either

I have just converted the divx file to mpeg2 uploaded it to the mybook and it still doesn’t work with the Toshiba

Any Ideas??