Twonky Problem?

I have a bunch of .mpg files on the My Book Live.

The Twonky Media server has them listed.

I have Windows 7 64-bit laptops (2), a Windows Vista laptop, and a Sony Blu-ray player.

All of the laptops can browse to the My Book Live share and play the videos in Windows Media Player.

I can put the .mpg files on a usb drive and play them on the Blu-ray player.

The problem I have is that while they can all see the Twonky Server, only the Windows 7 laptops can play the videos.

On the Windows Vista laptop in Windows Media player I can see the list of videos, but when I try to play one it just hangs and I have to end it in Task Manager.

On the Blu-ray it will show me the list of folders, but says there is no playable media in the folders.

This is new to me and I’m not sure if the problem is the Twonky Server or the files themselves.

The Vista laptop and Blu-ray will play them one way, but not the other…

Do I need a newer version of the Twonky Server, and is it even possible to install one on the My Book Live?

I have version 5.1.9

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

Note: I also have a lot of pictures and the Blu-ray player can display those just fine using the Twonky server.

The problem most likely is with the files.

The device at the other end has to support those files.  

You can’t change the Twonky version on the MBL.

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Thats the funny thing.

The two devices will play the files…

Just not over the Twonky.


Go into your my book live console and “rebuild” the twonky server.  This will fix any issues with an “unsupported data” message.

I have the same problem, I use my book live to stream all my movies to my PS3 on one tv and my wd live tv plus on the other.  The problem is every time i want to play a movie i have to rebuild the twonky server.  It is annoying.

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Had to chime in on this since i’m having similar problems.

I have files that work on a MyBook drive connecting to my BluRay via USB and it works fine.  I try to connect via my new MyBook LIve and the files are “unsupported”.  I’ve checked the allowed file types on Twonky and the file types are the correct file types and I’ve even hit “rebuild” and still nothing.

A great example is MPG files.  They will play from one folder but will not play from another folder at the same directory level.

Something just doesn’t make sense here.

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I also tried the  “rebuild” and it didn’t help.


My recent investigations on this issue lead me to believe that this issue may be due to the outdated Twonky software installed on the device.  WD has communicated to me that they have no intent on upgrading the software, even if it means that the product being sold does not perform as advertised.


See my post here on upgrading your TwonkyMedia Server:

I believe it will address many of the issues you have been seeing.

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