Twonky Issues

Please help … I am on my second live book after the first one gave up the ghost with the dreaded clicking noise after just a week. Now having backed up 1TB worth of music, videos and pictures (again) I can’t access them through a network media player.

I have a Sony SMP N200 hooked up to my network which was playing everything fine on my first live book. Twonky was showing over 700 videos this morning but would only play .avi files despite my media player being compatible with .mkv and having previously played them without any problems. I thought I would rescan (and subsequently rebuild) the files as I suspect it is the WD Live book (again) rather then the player but after numerous attempts it only picks up those on my computer hard drive. It shows as scanning (including a green flashing light) for hours without picking up anything new and just the 55 videos sat there, rather the 700 I know I have (and can incedently watch through my PC).

Does anyone have any ideas?

WD are in the last chance saloon with Seagate sitting in the wings!!

did you check to see if twonky plays mkv files?  also, mkv is only a container, you need to make sure that the file has the right codecs.

Thanks - I have taken one of the same mkv files that wont play through the network, put it on a usb stick and it plays fine through the media player therefore it is an issue with the live book. I also don’t think it can be a file size issue as some of the avi files that I have been playing without issue are similar size - any ideas?