Twonky not working

I have a bunch of .mp3, mp4, picture  files on the My Book Live. I have retrived and they are definately there!

The Twonky Media server has none of them listed. The only  files listed in twonky are 11 picture files of a grey background? files for the web interface I think.

I have a  Windows 7 64-bit desk top , a Windows 7 laptop, and a Sony PS3.

All of themachines can browse to the My Book Live share. Also they could also play the files in Windows Media Player via wirless connection before I got the mybook.

The problem I have is that while they can all see the Twonky Server, but  no other files are listed except for the 11 pictures .

I have rebuilt and re scanned the twonky settings to no avail.



Hi there, I know you mentioned that you you have rebuilt the Twonky server, but what if you do a factory reset on the MBL to start over, make sure the service is running on the web dashboard and then making sure the files are physically accessible on the MBL without retrieving? 

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called support.

they said that “wdsmartware” backs up files to the drive but does not save the media files in specific shared folders. I bought the device after reading the box etc. My impression was that the software would take my files, identify which were photos, movies music then store them in the appropriate shared folder. If I added a new music file it would then get backed up to my shared music for all to enjoy via twonky!.

Not so…

I have to manually drag and drop files into shared folder. This will not automatically sync our desk tops with the my book live to keep the photos etc up to date.

Pretty poor show… definately not how I read the advertising on the box.

Also the support man just read the manual to me . Didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.


Backups made with Smartware on Windows and Time Machine on a Mac are hidden on the drive, that’s the reason I asked if you could physically open the files directly from the MBL on my previous post…

I guess you were expecting Smartware to sync the files, which is not the same as a backup.

Anyway, now you know what the problem is :slight_smile:

Have you turned on the Media server for the share? You can search for this. TonyPh1234 has posted several times a picture showing how to do this.


temp.pngHere’s another copy…

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