TwonkyMedia empty play lists

I have copied over music, videos and pictures to the appropriate public folders on the Public Share of the My Book Live and set Media Sharing to All on the share. However, none of the media files are being displayed when Windows Media Player connects to the TwonkyMedia Server on the My Book Live. I have also installed the Android TwonkieMedia Application on my Samsung Glaxy S. It connects to the My Book TwonkyMedia Server fine, but again shows no files. Any ideas why the server isn’t indexing the files. The TwonkyMedia Server is obviously enabled.The My Book has the latest firmware upgrade and is showing TwonkyMedia at version 5.x

Okay, worked out what the issue is here. Using the TwonkyMedia Server Admin Console directly (http://mybooklivedevicename:9000/) I discovered that the directory paths that the My Book Live Dashboard has set for the Shares for which Media Sharing was enabled didn’t contain the full directory path of the share. In my case, the Public share is just defined as /Public in the TwonkyMedia Server configuartion. When I used the ‘browse’ function on the TwonkyMedia Server Admin Console under Basic Setup/Sharing it was apparent that /Public didn’t exist. Browsing around I found that the actual directory path was /DataVolume/shares/Public. Setting this to be the directory path of the Content Location worked a treat, all my media files on the Public share were then indexed. If any of the Media Sharing settings are modified and saved through the My Book Live Dashboard then all of the directory paths set through the TwonkyMedia Server Admin Console are overwritten with paths that just start with the share name and not the full directory path as stored on the media.:neutral_face: