MyBook Live 1TB Twonky problem


I have a problem with Twonky Meadia server. My Twonky Media server serches for all the media stored in the Public share and in the Privat share with password protected !!! All protected pictures and movies you can see on WD TV Live or other media players using DLNA.

From My Book Live User Manual:

If you do not want Twonky to find specific files, place them in a private share that is not serving media.

MyBook Live sw ver. is 1.03.03 and Twonky sw ver. is 5.1.9.

So, I must disable Twonky on MyBook.

Can you help me?

br, Tivoli.

Hi Tivoli,

You can try disabling Twonky . On the devices setup page, go to Settings> Media > Twonky.

As far as I’m aware is not possible to removed all together. 

Hope this helps.

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As the User Manual states, disabling Media Serving should be enough.

Hi there, taking down Twonky entirely is the last resort. Did you turn of the media serving from the share itself under Shares> Select the Share> Select no serving from the drop-down on media serving.

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Thanks all for replay.

ThePizzaMatrix thanks. After turning off media serving in the privat folders twonky works correct. This is it.

br, Tivoli.

Any time :smiley: