Twonky server unavailable


Although i’ve had a 1Tb MyBookLive for some years, i’ve only recently started to look into using Twonky Server. The function is enabled in media settings, but even after a few MBL reboots and several days waiting, Twonky seems unavailable.
The Twonky Status (on the dashboard media settings page) details show no details - a hyphen for version, last database update etc.
When i try and access the twonky page directly at //mybooklive:9000, no page is actually displayed.
For what it’s worth, the MBL firmware version is [02.43.10-048] but i’ve not knowingly updated it for some months, since before i started looking at twonky.

I’ve tried different browsers, different OS and all give the same behaviour which suggests its a Twonky thing.
is there anything i have to do to really activate it? The knowledge base info i saw says i’ve done all.i need to.
Or is it in need of some, err, remedial action?



Are you on the latest firmware version for the My Book Live?

HI Bill,

Thanks for the tip to Check.Seems like i am using the latest version.

While browsing i’ve found a couple of things to check:
Clearing DB content and selecting Townky server, again.

I’ll let you know how i get on.



Yeah, that might be important since twonky will need to index everything. It might take a while depending on how much media you have.

That was easier then i expected - a simple DB “reset” was enough. On restarting the twonky service it started building the index :slight_smile:

Although to hijack my own thread, i’ve started looking around the config items and it seems like the “media receivers” list isn’t working so well.
Its taken several attempts to get TS to disable the “enable sharing automatically” checkbox as well as to disable some of the receivers.
And, some of the mac addresses are duplicated - once in upper case and once in lower case. As its not possible to sort by any of the columns, it’s taking an age to work out whats what.
Is this a recognised feature, or something i need to look further into?



I don’t mean to drag this out without answering your other questions, but did you let twonky finish the indexing before trying to change the other settings? And, I’ve never heard of “media receivers” before, are you sure you don’t mean “media servers”?

Yes, it seemed to have completed within an hour (~7k tracks, ~20k pictures), but left it most of the day as i was doing other things and the status didn’t/hasn’t updated since.

On the TS configuration page, on the left side under “advanced setup” it shows “media receivers”: “List of media receivers that have contacted the server.”
Now i look in more detail the list of receivers doesn’t show my PVR with which i was i was playing with TS quite happily (despite now blocking new receivers)
Not a major problem, I just want to understand its behaviour…


Is it showing everything else but the PVR? Or is it not showing anything? If it’s not showing anything, then there could be other issues.

it has a list of about 7 or 8 devices but some are duplicates in upper/lower case. I’m going to try a few other devices and see what happens.


As i play further, with “enable sharing for new devices” disabled, then devices that try to play TS content have both an upper and lower case mac address listed.
The upper case address is enabled and the lower case disabled but the device cannot access any content - access is denied (PC: WMP, MediaMonkey, PVR, Phone app, etc)
Although, if you browse to the TS page (xxx:9000), you can play the content from there without any issue.
It’s not possible to enable the lower case mac address. or at least, checking it and saving the change(s) doesn;t work.

With the “enable sharing…” enabled, then only the lower case address is shown and streaming is enabled to all devices.
Try and disable a device, and then the upper case address is listed. The lower case address remains enabled, the upper case address is disabled - the reverse of the situation above.
But you can still play content.

Um… Make any sense?

Looks like i’ll be automatically enabling access to all our visitors then…
I saw a password setting somewhere - i may take a look, but i’m not sure i want to try it if its going to be this flaky…


This might be a Twonky thing. It may not be bad, just needing explanation. I’d check out this topic and maybe do a google search of this issue.