Dashboard acting up

The file usage info at the bottom of the opening screen on the dashboard no longer shows the correct info for the videos, photos and songs.  It just shows songs.  Also now when I go to the media tab under settings Twonky is no longer indicated as being active.  I had upgraded to 7.0.9 Special and it is still working fine via my Blu ray player and it is still visible via the http:ip:9000 web page but is no longer visible via the dashboard.

Any thoughts?


Updating the My Book Live Twonky version, is not supported by WD. But maybe some of the other users can help. 

I have the same problem, and I still cannot find any solution for it.

A lot of people had success after editing the “getMediaServerPort.sh” file (under /usr/local/sbin), but I cannot find that file anywhere. I’ve even searched for it using WinSCP.