No Restart after Firmeware Update

Hello! I reciverd my new WD MyCloud EX4 Today. I pluged it in and it works fine. I click on the Firmeware Update botten and he starts Processing. Then there Stands Waiting for Reeboot.

After 2 Hours after no response i make a reset and the MyCloud dont respnse at all.

I tried to make an USB Firmeware update but after pluged it in again the USB Device wasnt aktive. Not sure what i can do. Dont want to change the EX4.

The Display only Shows “Welcome to WD MyCloud …” No lights are Flashing.

How can i fix the Problem?

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Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Support by Country

Yeah i tryed… but i think they will answer on Monday but i dont want to wait. It is new and i want to use it now because some Data is already on it and not on my pc Harddrive any more and i need this data.

At the Update stands, that you should restartt after 5 secounds.  It dont work. It hang on the Restart. I had to Wait 1 houre and it starts without any fails. I tryed it after 5 minutes 20 minutes and it didnt start. After 2 Houres after Update it works fine.

Same problem here; I’ve left the device unplugged for an hour so far and it’s done nothing!

Any ideas?

OMG , Same to me here , after upgrade this FW 1.05.21 !

You may need to contact WD support seek for help. i’m still waiting wd support reply !!!

the important thing is our data , how to get it back !

i saw similiar issue in this ex4 forum …

Make sure you don’t havea USB drive plugged into the unit.  The firmware update breaks support for USB drives…