WDMyCloudEX4 firmware update: Hung or just VERY slow?

Since I’ve been getting “new firmware is available” messages, I decided today to do a firmware update, from 1.02.42 to the new 1.05.30.

I clicked the button to do a firmware update in the Settings/Firmware secion. It said it was downloading firmware, then an “Upgrading…” progress bar started.  It got to 30%, then stopped. It seems to be stuck. The web interface doesn’t respond. The up/down buttons on the front don’t do anything. No flashy lights. Nothing.

The last response I got says: “Do not unplug your device during the firmware update installation. After completing the update, your network drive will reboot automatically.”

Now I’m worried that the thing is scrozzled. I’m afraid to do anything to it for risk of totally hosing it.

Now what?

If it is stillin that state, you have nothing to lose by doing a power reset and retrying.  It is useful to remember that you are ugrading the system software, and your data is separate.  

Well, I crossed my fingers and did that: Pulled the power, then let it reboot.

It respods as a disk now, but using MyCloud and as a NAS server (e.g. Time Machine backup).


QuickView Dashboard doesn’t respond, so I have no way to control the thing now. Menu items “Alerts” and “Properties” work, but no Dashboard.

I’m on a Mac, if it isn’t obvious.

One other tidbit: The Quick View “Shut down…” option asks for my password, but then doesn’t seem to actually do anything.

Yet another tidbit: The front panel of the device now shows FW version 1.05.30, so the firmware update has happened. Just somehow QuickView doesn’t seem to be working.

I don’t know what did it, but this morning things are working again. I did power the unit down and restart it one more time.

Any chance that the thing doesn’t work well with Safari? I had some problems with the WD support pages, too.